Welcome to Blinking Brake Lights F.A.Q.

Are the bulbs standard size?

Blinking Brake Lights are standard size and will fit the application it is replacing.

How many bulbs will I receive?

       We sell our bulbs in pairs, so you will receive two bulbs.

How much is shipping?

        We offer FREE shipping anywhere in USA.

I do not live in the U.S, can you ship outside the country?

       Yes, we offer a flat rate of $12.99 shipped anywhere outside of USA.

Are BBL bulbs Error Free?

       For most cars, they are Error Free. However some cars will need a "resistor" installed prior to installing our BBLs.

Do the bulbs come with Warranty?

       Yes, we back our BBL's with a limited lifetime Warranty.  Read more on our "RETURN POLICY" page.